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“Nature isn’t a miracle cure for diseases,” says McRobert, “But by interacting with it, spending time in it, experiencing it and appreciating it we can reap the benefits of feeling happier and healthier as a result.”

About us


Designed by nature, we only help a little..

We are passionate about creating wide variety of products, ingredients of which are hand picked from nature, sourced from local farmer and artisans, and made with utmost care and perfection.

Our core belief is living naturally, product sustainability, helping the community and to live healthily. We are using recycled packaging, paper packaging and eliminating use of plastic wherever possible. 


Terrarium - Jewellery

Monocrom Terrarium Jewellery is made of real, natural flower which grows in the garden and in the wild. Sometimes we forget how beautiful and medicinal are these wild plants. 

Beauty of these wild flowers is only realised when each flower is carefully handpicked, selected for it's originality colour and shape, preserved to achieve a hard and long lasting finish.

Most of these jewellery pieces are designed by the nature, we only help a little by preserving it forever. It is the nature that makes each piece of our jewellery absolutely unique, there are never two alike and no replica of the same piece. 

That makes our jewellery 100%  unique to you.


Close to Nature

There are so many wild varieties of flowers which are around us and yet ignored by most of us. With our hand crafted Jewellery, we have tried to bring nature close to. you. Every piece is unique and you can look at this beauty whenever you want to feel energised. 

Embedded in Glass crystal Resin caste, it is combined with 18K Gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver.  

The resin however is long lasting with proper care. 

Vegan - Soaps


High quality ingredients

100%  Vegan soaps are made with natures magic extracts, contains nourishing natural oils, butters and other skin - loving  ingredients that are not commonly found in most commercially produced bars of soaps. Our soaps are free of harmful chemical like SLS or Parabens. The healthy PH levels of our soaps help in keeping put skin healthy.


No Synthetic Detergents or Chemicals

Unlike many stores bought bars, our handmade soaps don't contain detergents that can irritate or strip moisture from your skin. 

 With our moisturising soap bars you don't need to apply any moisturiser at all. 


Natural Glycerin

Our handmade soap contain s glycerin, a natural humectant and by product of the soap making process. Commercial soap makers often remove glycerin from their soaps, selling it for separate use in lotions, creams and pharmaceuticals. Our soaps retains full amount of natural glycerin which leaves your skin feel soft and moisturized.



Variety of Handmade Soaps

The variety of handmade soap available is almost endless. Whether you're looking for a vegan options, soaps made with herbs to cure eczema, dryness, soaps made with pure milk, or a bar featuring particular scent you love, such as lavender or frankincense, or no smell at all, you're sure to find one just right for your skin type.


Essential Oils

We source authentic essential oils  from certified  suppliers and farmers. 



Since we don't add any chemicals and colourants to colour our soap,  we only use 100% natural organic herbs and clays as an enhancer which in turns helps benefit your skin.

If we can help people to connect with nature, that’s not just good for them, its great news for nature

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